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Meet Your Counselors

about 1 month ago

Farewell from Ms. B!
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Wellness Class

about 1 month ago

Our Wellness Classes focus on Mindfulness and Social Skills. Students develop skills in attention, awareness, and self regulation. Students become familiar with key parts of the brain. They begin to understand how their feelings arise and that they have the ability to change the way they respond. In addition, students learn about empathy, kindness, and friendship.

Group Counseling

about 1 month ago

Small groups are focused on supporting students Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to promote academic success. 

Restorative Circle

Through restorative practice, students learn to communicate their feelings appropriately, while learning conflict resolution strategies.


Students learn to focus their attention on the present moment and practice mindful coping strategies. This increases self-awareness and self-regulation skills.


Students learn strategies for creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Students gain social skills with a focus on communication and friendship.

School Wide Presenters/Events

about 1 month ago

Image result for the cromwell center for disabilities awareness

Cromwell provides classroom lessons, which are offered at no cost to schools. They have become an integral part of many Maine schools’ anti-bullying, inclusion, and community-building efforts.

Cromwell Center Website

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SARSSM’s education programs teach students  how to respond to and prevent sexual violence, as well as inform students on the importance of getting support. All programs meet the Maine State Learning Results for health education. 

SARSSM Website

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